Courses and Workshops

Here are links to websites on the growing number of courses and workshops in the general area of experimental and computer-assisted mathematics (most recent listed first):

  1. MAA Course "Hands-On Explorations in Algebra and Combinatorics," taught by Neil Calkin and Dan Warner of Clemson University, Pittsburgh, PA (3-4 Aug 2010): HTML
  2. AMS Special Session on Experimental Mathematics, AMS-MAA Annual Meeting, Washington DC (5 Jan 2009): HTML
  3. MAA Summer Seminar on Experimental Math in Action, Carleton College, Northfield, MN (16-20 Jul 2007): HTML
  4. ICCOPT short course on Experimental Math with Variational Applications, McMaster University, Canada (11-12 Aug 2007): HTML
  5. AMS Special Session on Experimental Mathematics in Action, New Orleans (5 Jan 2007): HTML
  6. MAA Short Course on Experimental Math (Jan 2006): HTML
  7. Clifford Lectures on Experimental Math at Tulane (31 Mar-2 Apr 2005): HTML
  8. Experimental Math Workshop (29-30 Mar 2004): HTML