Non-Commercial Software and Tools

Here are links to websites for some of the many non-commercial software packages and useful online tools of interest to researchers in experimental and computer-assisted mathematics:

  1. The 3D-XplorMath Consortium's math visualization tool:
  2. Alf-Christian Achilles' computer science bibliogrphy:
  3. The Algorithm Project software library:
  4. The ArXiv mathematics article database:
  5. The Boyer-Moore theorem prover:
  6. The CECM Euler-zeta computation tool:
  7. The CECM integer relation tool:
  8. The CECM inverse symbolic calculator (ISC):
  9. Richard Crandall's integer computation software:
  10. The Dalhousie University inverse symbolic calculator version 2 (ISC2):
  11. The FFTW site (FFT software):
  12. The FIZ-Karlsruhe journal and abstract database:
  13. The FORM computer algebra package:
  14. Dan Grayson's "Macaulay-2" software for computation in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra:
  15. The GNU high-precision arithmetic library:
  16. The LBNL double-double, quad-double and arbitrary precision computation software:
  17. The LBNL Experimental Mathematician's Toolkit:
  18. The LBNL PiSearch facility (searches for names or hex digit sequences in the first several billion binary digits of pi):
  19. The LinBox symbolic linear algebra software library:
  20. The Magma computational algebra system:
  21. Hadrien Melot's GraPhedron tool:
  22. Mawata's Petersen graph theory tool:
  23. The Netlib software repository (linear algebra and other math software):
  24. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences:
  25. PSU's CiteSeer Databse:
  26. The Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC) website:
  27. The University of Newcastle/CARMA "Walking on Numbers" site (includes numerous information on pi):