Experimental Mathematics Software

28 March 2014

Here are links to software that has been developed, in whole or in part, by Bailey and Borwein. Many other useful software packages are available in these directories: Commercial sites | Non-commercial sites

  1. The Inverse Symbolic Calculator 2.0 (ISC2.0) is now available: ISC2.0
  2. LBNL high-precision arithmetic software (including Experimental Mathematician's Toolkit): MPDIST
  3. Cornell University's online "Eureqa" tool, which detects equations and hidden mathematical relationships in data: Eureqa
  4. Online version of the Maxima symbolic computing software (open-source version of the Maxsyma software): Maxima
  5. Online "Gigapan" facility to search and zoom a 2-D random walk on the binary digits of pi: Gigapan
  6. LBNL PiSearch facility (searches for names in the first several billion binary digits of pi): PiSearch
  7. Short article describing the BBP algorithm for computing hex (base-16) digits of pi beginning at an arbitrary starting position: PDF
  8. Computer implementations of the BBP algorithm for pi: BBP-codes
  9. Gzipped file (58 Mbyte) containing the first 100 million hex digits of pi (thanks to Yasumasa Kanada of the Univ. of Tokyo): PI1G-00.gz
  10. The CECM Euler-zeta computation tool: EZFACE+
  11. The CECM integer relation tool (see also next item and Experimental Mathematician's Toolkit, above): IntegerRelations
  12. The CECM inverse symbolic calculator: ISC